Letter to the Editor

Taxation without representation

Regarding the role of County staff in the controversial Pine Island/St. Helenaville development application, several obvious questions are pertinent. 

Why did the staff ask the developers to table their application until the staff could change the current zoning requirements? Why did the staff present an amendment that would gut the zoning ordinance for the benefit of this development? And any other developers? 

Why did the staff threaten the planning commission members and the public with the standard developers ploy – a potential lawsuit? Why didn’t the staff present something that would strengthen the current zoning? 

How long has the County been discussing the development with the owners or developers? Are they acting with direction from members of the Council? How has this been in the works for a year but secret from the public until now?

So, the only logical conclusion is that the developers are getting representation without taxation while locals are getting the taxation without representation.

– Jerry Floyd, St. Helena Island

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