Does McCombs fear we’ll uncover voter fraud?

I had a chance to read (Mr. McCombs’) article concerning the rally organized by Republicans that believe the South Carolina vote in 2020 was somehow plagued with errors.

(He) quickly asserted that this was erroneous by citing AP & USA Today reporting, both well known talking heads for the liberal press. My guess is (he is) afraid of evidence that might support Seth Keshel’s claims. (His) article then reports the fact that Trump easily won in S.C. in an attempt to show that any audit would be fruitless, but Seth knows his numerical numbers and past tendencies in (S.C.) indicate obvious irregularities.

(Is he) not a concerned citizen that wants and demands that the voting and the counting thereof are in-fact legal and accurate? Why write (his) obviously biased article unless (he) knows/fears that Seth Keshel will uncover voter fraud?

But most importantly, (his) paper did its duty and alerted (his) readers to this event and even gave the organizer’s contact information, and for this, I’m grateful.

– Keith Crockett, Austin, Texas

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