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Audit the SC Vote Rally

Local singer Katie Godowns sings the national anthem in front of about 250 people at the start of the Audit the S.C. Vote Rally on Monday evening at the Olde Beaufort Golf Club on Lady’s Island. Photos by Bob Sofaly. Keep Reading

Letters to Editor


Does McCombs fear we’ll uncover voter fraud? I had a chance to read (Mr. McCombs’) article concerning the rally organized by Republicans that believe the South Carolina vote in 2020 was somehow plagued with errors. (He) quickly asserted that this was erroneous by citing AP & USA Today reporting, both well known talking heads for the… Keep Reading

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Truth?

When Andrew Smith said, “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer,” he was laying out the blueprint for the modern conservative movement, especially the Trumpist Republican Party. There is plenty of information available that could provide understanding and clarity, but then where would they get fuel for the lies they… Keep Reading