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Beaufort County parents should demand music be part of their child’s education

As a music educator for 25 years in the Beaufort County School District, I am sad to note the decline in arts education over the past several years. At one time Beaufort was recognized for its emphasis and integration for infusing the arts with the study of academics to ensure each student’s success-not only in school, but in utilizing life skills.

Educational opportunities are not the same, are not standard, for every child in our district. Several schools do not offer music in any form, such as general music, chorus, band or strings. Music is revered as the “universal language.” The adage “music is math” is research-based and just as relevant today as when the Greek scholars Pythagoras and Plato first uncovered this unique relationship in their scientific discoveries.

I encourage parents in our county to demand equality in regard to their child’s education. If your child is missing this vital music component, please refer to www.musicationadventure.com to provide a complete education.

– Cindy McKain, Beaufort

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