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Reasons USCB should not change names
Would you believe that the University of South Carolina Beaufort has recently signed an $85,000 contract for market research concerning a name change?  Why? For what benefit?
Reasons to keep the name:
1.  USCB was founded in downtown Beaufort which is nationally recognized for history and beauty.
2. How many qualified students could receive scholarships during this economic down turn from the $85,000 to be wasted?
3. Beaufort County taxpayers issued bonds to construct facilities for USCB and TCL campuses on U.S. 278.  $75 million of funding is diverted from school and county operations to retire these bonds. Now USCB wants to insult Beaufort taxpayers by considering a change in name.
4. Beaufort provides other major support.  A committee recently raised funds for more than 50 scholarships for a new arts program at the Beaufort campus.
5. There will many be many more costs for sign changes, new stationery and who  knows what else.  Have these been considered?
Apparently  USCB’s administration and board believe a name change is more important than using available funds for education and community enrichment.
Jim Bequette
Lady’s Island

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