Laws will affect those in scrap metal business

On December 16, 2012 two new laws became effective that will have an impact on those members of the public who engage in the business of collecting and selling scrap metal, particularly copper and other non-ferrous metals.  Additionally, a new auto demolisher law became effective on December 16.

The primary changes in the “Copper Law” include certain exceptions and exemptions from the law for the business community selling or purchasing scrap metal from another business, governmental entity, a manufacturing or industrial vendor that generates or sells regulated metals in the ordinary course of business, or is a holder of a retail license, an authorized wholesaler, an automobile demolisher as defined in Section 56-5-5810 (d), a contractor licensed pursuant to Chapter 11  Title 40, a residential home builder licensed pursuant to Chapter 59, Title 40, a demolition contractor, a provider of gas service, electric service, communications services water service, plumbing service, electrical service, climate conditioning service, core recycling service appliance repair service, automotive repair service, or electronics repair service, or organizations, corporations, or associations registered with the state as charitable organizations or any nonprofit organization.  Additionally, no manhole cover or drainage grate may be sold for scrap.  It is unlawful to pay cash for any copper product, catalytic converter or beer keg.

Auto Demolishers

As of December 16, 2012, for an auto demolisher to purchase a vehicle for the purpose of demolishing the it, the seller must provide one of the following four items:

1. Title to the Vehicle

2. A magistrate bill of sale

3. An affidavit provided by DMV swearing ownership (auto must be held for 72 hours before being demolished)

4. Sheriff’s Certificate of Disposal (only for vehicles 12 years or older and completely inoperable.) A vehicle should not be considered ‘inoperable’ merely because it does not have a battery or key for the ignition if by appearance the vehicle appears operable.

For more information, contact Sgt. T. Vido at 843-255-3266 at the Sheriff’s Office, or Jeff Moore at the S.C, Sheriffs’ Association at 803-772-1101.

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