Almost on a daily basis students invariably ask “Why do I have to learn this stuff?”  The question is not new.  It has been queried by pupils for years in classrooms everywhere.  The answer is not always easily explained unless their teachers have first-hand knowledge of the application of academics to what is required in business and industry.  In the case of science, technology, engineering and mathematics it is often more difficult to fully elaborate in a manner readily understood by students.  However,   as a result of participation in a unique project entitled “Teachers in the Workplace Using WorkKeys® Estimator” five science teachers at Lady’s Island Middle School are now better equipped to enlightened young minds with real-life examples of how what is taught in the classroom applies to what employees are actually doing on the job.

Daniel Liegey, Aaron Hirsch, Deborah Clark, Eric Mohrman and Sharon Singleton, science teachers at Lady’s Island Middle School, recently spent a significant portion of their school week at Parker Hannifin Corporation, Racor Division’s Beaufort plant, interacting with incumbent employees each in one of five different job classifications.  The teachers shadowed the employees on the job, interviewed them and systematically examined required reading materials, essential mathematic computations, necessary graphic interpretations and other academically-related activities in order to analyze not only the skills essential to the job but also the skill levels necessary to accomplish all job tasks.

Using the WorkKeys® Estimator as a guide the teachers produced a comprehensive report deliverable that was given to the management at Parker Hannifin at the completion of the project.  According to Kurt Dimitrov, HR/Administrative Manager at Parker’s local filtration manufacturing operation, “The end product produced by the teachers will enhance the company’s ability to more accurately select qualified applicants for future position vacancies in all five job classifications.  Because the Estimator was completed by educators and based on extensive information gathered from subject matter experts the results are extremely credible and, therefore, very useful to my company.”

“This project is a win-win situation for both Parker Hannifin and for the teachers” stated Dave Walker, Lowcountry Regional Career Specialist, who assisted with the project by conducting the initial training session for the participating educators.   “Parker Hannifin has benefitted from job task analysis and because of the first-hand insight gained by the teachers the ultimate winners will be the science students at Lady’s Island Middle School” Walker concluded.

WorkKeys® Estimator is a product of ACT, an independent, not-for-profit entity that provides assessment, research, information and program management solutions in the areas of education and workforce development. “Teachers in the Workplace Using WorkKeys® Estimator” is an initiative of the Workforce and Education Development committee of the Greater Beaufort Chamber of Commerce and was delivered in partnership with the Beaufort County School District and Parker Hannifin Corporation, Racor Division. 



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