Lady’s Island Elementary begins recycling program

SCHOOLS Diana paintingStudents in Lady’s Island Elementary’s DARTS (Differentiated Arts) morning program are leading efforts to increase recycling at LIES! Led by Ms. Lauren Kucera, Visual Arts Teacher and Environmental Liaison for the school, the students are making colorful recycling containers for their classrooms to collect paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and dried out markers. The markers will be sent to Crayola’s Colorcycle program and turned into clean fuel, while the other recyclables will be collected in a single-stream dumpster on campus. Ms. Kucera plans to connect these artistic efforts to students’ concern for the local environment through guest speakers available through Beaufort County Public Works Eco-Cyclers Education Programs. Ms. Kucera states, “Service-based arts projects empower students to engage with social and environmental issues while making art. We have a need here at our school, energetic and creative students who want to help, and a wealth of resources in our community. I’m so excited to help facilitate these efforts.”

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