Joint Meeting of Coastal SC DAR Chapters

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On January 18, the Captain William Hilton Chapter of Hilton Head Island,  the Emily Geiger Chapter of Bluffton, and the

Left to right: Lydia Hudsick, Regent- Emily Geiger Chapter; Elizabeth Billham, Director-District IV; Nancy Crowther, Regent – Thomas Heywood Chapter; Andrea Helfrich, Regent – Captain William Hilton Chapter.

Thomas Heyward Chapter of Beaufort held a joint meeting at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island. This facility is responsible for training male Marine recruits east of the Mississippi River, and all female recruits enlisted nationwide. The depot, which began recruit training in 1911, has been in continuous use as a training facility for Marines since 1915. Before its use for Marines, the base was used as a naval station in the late 1800s. Today, a drive through the base on any given day will reveal recruits marching in formation, assembling on the parade deck, or a recruit graduation ceremony. A combined 39 members from the three chapters were in attendance. Also attending was Elizabeth Billham, SC District IV Director. Following the luncheon meeting held on site, Parris Island Museum curator Dr. Stephen Wise shared his extensive knowledge of early settlement and activity in the local area, with a focus on Revolutionary War battles. The museum features Marine memorabilia from all eras and also covers local history.

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