It’s simply magic … by design!


By Martha O’Regan

Over the years, as I have learned about bioenergetics, pain/stress/energy management, quantum science and vibrational medicine, I have come to the conclusion that it’s all simply magic, defined as “an extraordinary power from a supernatural source.”

The four statements that make up the foundation of how I live and coach are:

1. Everything is energy, including you and me,

2. Every single thing is designed in perfection,

3. We create our own reality through the vibration of our thoughts, words and deeds,

4. The power of “all that is” is the same power as the Divine. And, taking it even deeper, inside the smallest particle known to man is nothing but pure light essence that is measured as the vibrational equivalent to “love” which happens to also be the power of “all that is” which has many names, including God. God is light, God is love, God is the ultimate power, God is creation, etc.  Even in its smallness, it’s bigger than our human linear mind can even fathom, yet we all know it deep inside because it is encoded in our DNA, our subconscious, the Bible, our soul perspectives and even our thoughts to ultimately create our daily reality of health, relationships, choices and behaviors. It’s so simple even in all its magnificent complexity.

As you try this little experience, check in and feel how it lands in your body and mind. Make an “O” with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, keeping them several inches apart. These circles represents the energy fields surrounding the egg and the sperm that came together to grow you, making your spine, kidneys, finger nails, etc.  Begin bringing the two energy fields closer together until their fields begin to interconnect. Stop as soon as you see the light between the circles. Now, just imagine the magnificent spark, like two wires or maybe stars coming together which then connects those two perfect cells that knew exactly what do to create YOU right on schedule. Magic … by design! Did you feel a spark ignite anywhere in your body?

As electromagnetic beings, everything within and around us is ignited by a spark of some form that creates a connection for something remarkable to happen, like the ability to scratch our nose, blink, heal a wound or to feel love.   In our body, these sparks are called electrical impulses, synapses, neuro transmitters, and they ignite to activate communication within all parts of us — including our muscles, organs, glands, the brain and spine and our heart — all without us having to tell it to, at least not with our conscious mind. These sparks are automatic; it’s the vibration of the spark that determines how well our system is communicating. Greater vitality ignites a greater spark ultimately enhancing communication within the system, creating greater health and happiness.

One way to support the magic is simply noticing what is going on within and around us and making conscious choices about what we put into our mind and body that will enhance the sparks. Simply being in awe of the magnificence on a regular basis allows those sparks to really ignite, creating even more magic … by design.

So, take some time to pause and just watch a bird fly or a tree sway in the wind, notice the twinkle in someone’s eye when they laugh, feel your feet as you walk along the pavement or barefoot in the grass, see how wide your face stretches when you smile, stare at the sky and imagine what it would feel like to fly, feel your breath in every crevice of your body or truly allow yourself to open your heart to receive love. Simply notice how many magical moments you have in an hour, day, week or month, and before you know it, you can’t experience life any other way.

Live Awake … Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan, is Your ‘B.E.S.T. Life’ Coach, supporting you in accessing your magic with the work of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique and Vibrational Coaching. Contact 843-812-1328 or yourbestlifecoach28@gmail.com to discover just how easy it can be to create change in your life.  www.yourbestlifecoach.net.

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