Images of the Lowcountry

Local artist Joan Templer has put together an interesting exhibition of paintings and photographs for the University of South Carolina Beaufort Center for the Arts called

"Poor boy on the Morgan" by Chris Kirk.

“Images of the Lowcountry.” The exhibit features 20 artists who have been inspired, by and thankful for the beauty of this area including Sandy Dimke, Ed Funk, Patricia Gardner, Pam Hagen, Barbara James, Phyllis Kaup-Seas, Chris Kirk, Carol Kamm, Elaine Leander, Ellen Long, Eve Miller, Hetty Neiman, Carol Newson, Beverly Peacock, Karen Peluso, Mac Rogers, Penny Russell, Robert Ryzner, Tom Van Steenburg and Polly Swenson.
The show opens with a reception Friday, May 4, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., and will run until the end of July.

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