If not you, who?

By Will McCullough
When considering putting your property on the market, I think it’s very important that you interview at least two or three potential listing agents. In the Beaufort area, there are literally hundreds of licensed real estate agents and finding the right Realtor to represent you can make a huge difference in seeing your property sell in a timely manner and for as much as possible.
In complete honestly, it isn’t always a matter of just who’s “better,” it’s often more a matter of “who’s a better fit” for you and your specific needs. That being said, I wanted to share what I’ve always considered the best question I’ve ever personally been asked by a potential client during a listing interview. The question was simple: “If you couldn’t recommend yourself or even an agent from your company, who are a few other local agents you’d recommend to list our home?”
Please allow me to be completely up front, as a local agent myself, I’m obviously biased. However, truth be told, there are many incredibly good agents in the Beaufort area and I thought it would be a fun topic to publicly answer the above “who else?” question. Please know that while, yes, I personally hold the following agents in high regard, this is by no means a complete list. So, without further delay, here are just a few of the many local agents, from multiple companies, who quickly come to mind when personally answering the above question.
Christi Trumps, Tideland Realty:  I’ve interacted with Christi on multiple occasions over the years while working through various showings, offers and contracts. Her wealth of experience and genuine pleasant demeanor always appear to serve her clients well and, I can say from personal experience, allow for very smooth communication when working as an agent opposite her in a transaction.
Mike Ray, Coldwell Banker: Having represented clients opposite of Mike on several occasions, I can honestly say I really respect how he works. And “how he works” is hard. From what I’ve seen, when Mike is looking for an answer for his clients, he’ll dig until he finds it. He returns calls and emails quickly and doesn’t hesitate, at all, to initiate his own when the need arises.
Kim Carswell, Ballenger Realty: Kim is a true professional who appears to represent her listing clients exceptionally well. I am a personal fan of having a strong marketing message and quality promotional materials for listings and, as a competitive observer, have to say that I honestly respect the heck out of her work.
Bryan Gates, ERA: Bryan’s a very nice guy.  The real thing too, not just an act. While I haven’t done a large amount of transactions personally with Bryan, I can’t help but think that his high degree of genuine care for people in general would have to pass on to his clients and I think that, coupled with his years of experience, likely make for an awesome agent.
Pat Harvey-Palmer, Hometown Realty: I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of professional interactions with Pat over the years and I can say, without question, that her volume of experience puts most of us in the local industry to shame. Whatever your problem, she’s likely already “been there, done that” … and “done that” well.
Gary Glasser, Lowcountry Real Estate: In the interest of fairness, I’ve done my best to highlight quality agents from other companies and abstain from listing any of my co-workers at Lowcountry Real Estate. Gary, however, rates an exception. Reason? My impressions of Gary were formed when I myself was with another company. Gary’s straight-talking style, depth of knowledge and prior-USMC life experiences have always seemed to guide his clients well.  I have no doubt that will continue to be the case for many years to come.
When it comes down to it, what matters most is finding a local agent, from a reputable company, whom you feel will both market your property aggressively and relate best to you personally. While Deena and I would welcome the opportunity to potentially serve you, we also can’t deny the fact that the above list represents only a few of the many excellent local agents available to choose from.
Bottom line, take your time and interview a few agents before you sign on the dotted line. An extra day or two spent making comparisons can end up, unquestionably, being time well invested!

Will and Deena McCullough of Lowcountry Real Estate can be reached directly at 843-441-8286 or via email at RealEstate@BeaufortSC.net.

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