If I knew then what I know now …


By Martha O’Regan

Do you ever wish you could have a “do over” of experiences in your past? As it turns out, you can — it is called imagination.  The brain records everything in present time and doesn’t know the difference between what we perceive and what is imagined — they both create neural pathways that affect our health, behaviors, relationships and even our surroundings.

Martha O'Regan
Martha O’Regan

We can go back to any experience recorded from our past, even decades ago, that at the time we judged as “bad” or “wrong” and imagine or re-create it with a perspective of “good” or a lesson learned and it will actually create a new network in the brain, completely altering our physiology in that milli-blip of time. We don’t change the facts, only the energy in which it is stored. Remember when we used to transfer files on our computer and the little file would dance across the screen?  Well, think about moving the story from one file to the next: from the fear file to the gratitude file just by choosing to. The trick is keeping it in the positive file.  Every time we pull it out and express it from the victim perspective, we dump it right back in affecting our life all over again.

At the risk of being repetitive, remember that everything in all of creation is energy including every thought, feeling, word and deed. Simply put, positive energy is expansive and alive with frequency while negative energy is contractive and sluggish in frequency.  Every experience is neutral until you decide which charge to attach to it — positive or negative — and that perception immediately translates into your physical body as either one of survival (contractive) or ease (expansive). As an example, 20 people can witness the same car accident: Five of them put the event in their fear file as it could’ve been them; five will walk away in gratitude that it wasn’t them; five will walk away worried about the victims; and five will just be ticked off that they are late for work. Same experience, different perspectives, with each one being correct for each person.

Every experience we have ever had — including everything we have ever seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled — gets filed in our mental hard drive (aka the brain) based on the perspective that we deemed appropriate in the moment, even the ones that belonged to the “big people” who were in our lives during our early years. These files set up a neural pathway or network that is instantly retrieved for future use, whether it be for learning, becoming proficient in a hobby or sport, determining the best course of action in a project, or just basic survival. These pathways also have an energy attached that will emit into our physical body or surroundings. Those experiences that we perceived as negative, with either great intensity or long duration, can set up a message into the body that over time can become a symptom, habit or behavior that we wish we didn’t have. So, an experience that created immense fear for a short time can get us just as stuck in the mental hard drive as long-term worry.  Both can set up a mental loop that can lead to such things as tight muscles, high blood pressure, self-sabotage or procrastination.

Think about an experience that you wish had never happened and tune into how it feels in the body.  Notice how fast you were able to retrieve that stored memory? Think about the gazillion stored memories that we judged as negative in our lifetime that are controlling our physiology 24/7. Eewwwhhh — not interested in that.

So, knowing what we know now about the brain, we can go back to an experience and, without changing the facts, see the lesson or look at it again through the lens of forgiveness, gratitude, love, peace or joy, creating a brand new neural pathway in the brain, allowing for more appropriate physiology. Aahh, that feels better already.

Live Awake … Have Fun.

Martha O’Regan, is Your “B.E.S.T. Life” Coach, supporting you in creating and allowing the B.E.S.T. Life of your Dreams! Contact her at 843-812-1328 or yourbestlifecoach28@gmail.com to discover how easy it can be to create change in your life.  www.yourbestlifecoach.wordpress.com.

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