How’s life in Hollywood?

By Lanier Laney

This past week I’ve been on the Hollywood studio set of “Baby Daddy” — the ABC Family sitcom where Island News Wine Columnist Terry Sweeney has been guest starring. The talented cast of the show have all been super friendly and great fun to work with, Terry said. The new season of “Baby Daddy” just premiered. Terry’s episode will air in June as it is the next to the last episode of the season.

Terry Sweeney and with the cast of “Baby Daddy” on set in Hollywood.
Terry Sweeney and with the cast of “Baby Daddy” on set in Hollywood.

While on the lot, we saw Valerie Bertinelli (on crutches from a broken foot) and the legendary Betty White who was so very nice and said she was a fan of Terry’s from his SNL days.  Remember her from the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Golden Girls”?

Valerie and Betty both star in “Hot in Cleveland” on TVLand which tapes next door to the “Baby Daddy” studio.

Friends in Beaufort have asked me what I have found new about LA since the last time I was here a few years ago. Here are my observations:

• Vegan restaurants everywhere and vegan items on every menu. It’s the new trend in food here for its healthy heart and humane reasons.

• Southern food is also everywhere, with even the highest end restaurants offering fried chicken on the menu, as well as red velvet cake.

• Hoppin’ John, a Lowcountry dish, was on the specials list of the first restaurant we ate at, which we found surprising.

• “Cold press juices” are major here. They have whole storefronts dedicated entirely to “Supergreen” juices to-go that cost anywhere from $7 to $10 a bottle. There was not just one, not just two, but three storefronts selling only “cold pressed juices” which still have the pulp) in the shopping district a few blocks from where we were staying.

• Finally, every supermarket charges shoppers 10 cents a bag for every bag you use to bag your groceries, if you were so foolish not to bring your own bags from home.  Hope Publix and Bi-Lo don’t hear about that trend!

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