Healthy feelings help skin look healthy

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In the emotional rollercoaster of life, and especially during high stress holiday seasons, sometimes the “down” periods have long lasting effects on more than just our mood. In fact, numerous studies link factors that impact our emotional well-being—such as stress, depression and anxiety—to an increase in skin, hair or nail problems.

Now dermatologists, especially during this current stressful pandemic time, are advising patients to recognize these secondary symptoms and to seek treatment early before they cause additional stress.

The American Academy of Dermatology has recognized the reciprocal relationship between feelings and appearance, and how failing to address these concerns can affect how we look, feel and function.

Often times when people are going through a rough period in their lives, negative emotions can wreak havoc on their appearance. As a result, they might start to notice that their hair is thinning, their skin is inflamed or their nails are brittle—which can be physical manifestations of their mental state.

These unwanted physical changes can have a profoundly negative impact on how they feel. The negative emotions can trigger a vicious cycle of worsening skin, hair and nails leading to worsening of their emotional state and can lead to further worsening of the skin problem. Dermatologists can play a key role in helping patients not only alleviate these physical symptoms, but also help enhance their quality of life during a difficult time. Always seek out a board-certified dermatologist who has the training and expertise to not only diagnose and treat a variety of skin, hair and nail conditions, but also help patients safely improve the appearance of their skin.

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