Great equalizer is school choice

A recent letter writer opined that public funding of private and charter schools would be detrimental to public education (the great equalizer).

At one time it was. Until the late 60’s public education, if adequately funded, did well across the board. Since then the rise of teacher unions has coincided with a decline in overall K-12 public education outcomes. This has been especially common in underserved minority communities lacking the means to escape government monopoly schools. 

Overall, U.S. public education has been an expensive failure especially compared to schools in other countries. To address the failed government monopoly of K-12 education, faith-based schools, various private schools and home-schooling have come to the rescue. When parents are able to opt out of failing schools and are free to choose alternatives positive outcomes result. 

In fact many public systems can benefit from competition if parents are able to select which school is best for their children. When education dollars are allocated by student instead of a one-size-fits-all system, overall results improve. Let us move on from tax-supported Leftist indoctrination.

The “Great Equalizer” is School Choice.

– Carter Swenson, Beaufort

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