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Tommy O’Brien’s new fireworks stand is off Savannah Highway.

Tommy O’Brien recently retired from the automotive repair business, but that doesn’t mean he’s sitting home in a rocking chair.

O’Brien opened Kobuch’s Fireworks, his first-ever fireworks stand, off of S.C 128 Savannah Highway, and he had a steady stream of customers leading up the Independence Day. O’Brien said shooting off fireworks is legal in S.C. and is willing to show the statute to anybody who asks. And he has plenty of things that go boom in the night.  

“I have sparklers, bottle rockets, mortars, traditional rockets … just about anything that goes boom,” he said as he proudly displayed a rolled package of 4,000 firecrackers. “I’m going to open up for New Years too. I’ll be open for the Fourth of July and New Years every year thereafter.”

O’Brien grinned and said, “Come and get your boom on.”

Photo at top: Tommy O’Brien gives a wry grin as he displays a package of 4,000 firecrackers; Tommy O’Brien’s new fireworks stand is off Savannah Highway. Photos by Bob Sofaly.

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