Generous kids forgo gifts for chance to give back

For 8-year-old Abigail Henry and 9-year-old Jack McDougall, the opportunity to give back to the community outweighed the traditional celebration that accompanies a child’s birthday. When they had their birthdays recently, they decided to do something more than just have cake and ice cream. Instead of seeing how many presents they could get, these extraordinary children decided to help out other people instead.

Jack McDougall and Abigail Henry at HELP of Beaufort. By Captured Moments Photography
Jack McDougall and Abigail Henry at HELP of Beaufort. By Captured Moments Photography

On Abigail’s 6th birthday in 2011, she decided to ask all her guests to bring food for the needy instead of presents for herself.  She collected a huge amount of food and donated it to HELP of Beaufort. Since that day, she has come to HELP to assist in sorting clothes and food, and to help out in any way she can.

Jack McDougall also celebrated his birthday recently and he decided to do the same thing. These two children did not know each other, but had the same plan — to help the less fortunate. In addition, Jack took the extra money he received for his birthday and went with his mother, Shawn McDougall, to purchase more food. She decided to match Jack’s funds and doubled his amount to purchase even more food. Jack is also looking forward to coming to HELP to assist in any way he can.

Steve Curless, president of HELP of Beaufort, said these two children are an example for all of us. “It takes so little to touch a life.  We want to not only thank Abigail and Jack for their kindness and generosity, but to also commend their parents, Amy and Brian Henry, and Shawn and Lin McDougall. They are exceptional parents who strive to teach their children that there is so much more to life than just birthday parties and gifts,” Curless said.

For more information about the local nonprofit food bank, call 843-252-2710 or email helpofbft@centurylink.net.

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