Gardeners restoring Hunting Island

The work continues at the Hunting Island Nature Center.  Master Gardeners have planted almost 100 plants, (most donated by the Spring Island Native Plant Project) cleared debris and weeds from the large area around the building, and worked on the small pond.

Master Gardeners at the Hunting Island welcome center.

The center was able to hire a pond company to drain and clean out the pond. This definitely qualified as a “dirty job!”  When they are through, the pond will have beautiful clear water with a small waterfall. Some fish might be added next spring.
Due to a lack of funds, the entire area had been neglected for several years. It is the aim of Master Gardeners to restore the grounds with native plants.  They have planted trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and flowers.  It will take a season or two for the plantings to mature, but the Nature Center will a credit to all those who had a hand in restoring it.

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Gardeners restoring Hunting Island center

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