Four ways to support someone who’s grieving

The loss of a friend or loved one is never easy. Grieving is experienced differently by all; therefore, it is often difficult to know how to support and comfort a person during this time. 

People are often surprised that grief affects them in so many ways, whether it is physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually. 

Keep in mind there are ways to show you care and help the person through a difficult time. 

  1. Spend time together — It’s okay to have some alone time, but it is important to balance that time with friends who understand. Get-togethers or routine errands, such as trips to the supermarket or going out for a bite to eat with someone supportive, can be helpful. Encourage exercising or taking walks outdoors to promote well-being with physical activity, fresh air, and sunshine. 
  2. Present new ways to work through loss — People are always looking for ways to help someone who is grieving. Carefully chosen tracks of guided meditations and comforting music, and contemplative reading of passages or poems which offer helpful quotations and suggestions, may help dealing with grief. 
  3. Communicate — Many people dealing with grief find that when others talk about their feelings, it’s easier for them to open up as well. Be it through support groups or just one-on-one time with a friend or relative, oftentimes sharing your grief and telling your story helps facilitate the healing process. There are also several Internet sites that offer online chat rooms for anonymous conversations if face-to-face meetings aren’t what a person desires. 
  4. Practice patience — There is no set timetable for dealing with grief. People learn to live with their loss rather than “getting over it” in a specific timeframe. For some people, it takes longer than others. Simply knowing there is a friend or an organization who understands can not only help someone feel less alone, but it also can do wonders for helping a person embrace life again. 

For more information on dealing with grief, visit these websites: 


https ://www.cdc.gov/mentalheal h/stress-coping/ grief-loss 

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