Fire department rescues dog from tree

Last week, the Beaufort Fire Department rescued little Cappy, a long haired dachshund, after she ran away and climbed a tree.
Chain Free Beaufort’s Kim Bonturi said she discovered her friend and neighbor, Mimi Austin, had lost her dog that she rescued. “I

Cappy in a tree before being rescued.

knew she was devastated, so I did the only thing I could at this point, got a friend of mine and me and her and her dog went out walking looking for little Cappy,” Kim said.
“We headed towards the Beaufort National Cemetery where Cappy was last seen six and a half hours earlier. We heading into the back portion (north side of National street) calling her name and shining flashlights — and then Cappy barked!” Kim described the scene. “She was telling us where she was, we followed her bark to a tall oak tree. We were looking every where in the thick, heavy brush around the tree. Mimi, who lives right next to the cemetery, heard her barking and rushed to help us. Mimi was cutting back all the brush and still no Cappy. I finally decided to call the non-emergency City of Beaufort Police dispatch to see if they would help with spot lights. At the same time, two police cars pulled up to see what was going on. We told them what we were doing, then one officer, said, ‘Well, there she is!’ We all said, ‘Where?’ We looked at the officer and he was looking up into the branches of the tree. Cappy had climbed 12 feet up the tree and was stuck.”
After that, the Beaufort Fire Department was called and they showed up with a 14 foot ladder and rescued Cappy.

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