Finally, the white is here

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The white wine is here. And just in time. 

Not just because new white wines become a priority for some wine drinkers in the hot summer months. But, also, because the complete set of a brand is now available. Red. Rosé. And, finally, the white.

Gerberas’ white wine comes the Aragon region in Spain. Like its red and rosé cousins, Aragon is located in northeastern Spain. It stretches from the Pyrenees Mountains south to the Iberian plateau. (The whole of Spain and Portugal is the Iberian Peninsula.) 

Catalonia is to the east of Aragon, and Rioja, Navarra and Castilla y Leon are to its west. All other Spanish wine regions. 

The Ebro River, the largest and most important in Spain, flows eastward through Aragon. And defines the various Aragon wine areas in its valley. 

The name Aragon comes from either a smaller river in the region with the same name, or from the Basque word “Aragoi” that means “high valley.”

The climate of Aragon is moderate with the vineyard elevations determining how moderate. Recently, a Cava DO status was granted in Aragon. (Cava is the designation for Spanish sparkling wines, mostly from the Catalonia region.) There are several wine DOs in Aragon – Somontano, Cariñena, Calatayud, Campo de Borjia.

Gerberas Bianco is made from 100 percent Macabeo. This variety is also known as Viura, Macabeu, Lardot and about a dozen lesser known more localized names. 

Besides large plantings in northeastern Spain in the Rioja and Cava producing areas, it is also grown in the Languedoc-Rousillon area of France. It is often used in blends, but as more modern winemaking techniques are adopted, like stainless steel and temperature controlled fermentations, it is making wonderful wines on its own. 

Its wines tend to have a bone dryness, light to medium bodies, moderate acidity and not too high alcohol levels. The flavors include honeydew melons, lime peels, lemon verbena, tarragon and hazelnuts. 

Janis Robinson, an icon in wine tasting and wine writing, calls Macabeo the “Cinderella” grape. Because, in recent years, it has been “discovered” as capable of making excellent wines.

Gerberas Macabeo follows Gerberas Garnacha and Gerberas Garnacha Rosé as a great sipping, food friendly everyday affordable wine. 

The grapes for it are grown in alluvial soils in the foothills of the Moncayo mountain. After harvesting and crush, the must is chilled for a short time with the skins. 

Fermentation is long and slow, in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperatures between 71 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The finished wine is delicate with fruity and floral notes. Ripe peaches. Lemons. Lime zest. Stone fruits. Nuts. White flowers. 

All come together in a very dry, light, but definitely textured body. The palate is clean and fresh and exhilarating.

Perfect as an aperitif, but it also pairs well with grilled fish, shellfish, sushi, baked chicken, salads, pasta with seafood white sauces or just olive oil and grated cheese, pizzas with anchovies and olive oil, fried foods, pesto, risotto, and lots of cheeses – Manchego, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Gouda, Triple Cremes. Pretty much summer foods. 

And it’s easy to find with the yellow gerberas daisy on its label. It’s finally here. For $9.99. Enjoy.

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