Finalists named for Beaufort International Film Festival

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BIFF plans “in-person” event for February

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The Beaufort Film Society announced on Tuesday the finalists for the upcoming 15th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival taking place Feb. 15-19 in Beaufort.

Finalists have been named in the categories of Best Feature, Best Documentary (Feature), Best Documentary (Short), Best Short Film, Duty & Honor, Best Student Film, Best Screenplay, Best Animation, and Best Comedy. The categories of Best Comedy and Audience Choice will be decided by audience vote.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers remain committed to a live, in-person event.

“After very careful planning and adherence to established guidelines established for South Carolina related to COVID-19, we’ve decided that we can present a safe and enjoyable film festival in February,” Beaufort Film Society President Ron Tucker said in a release. “We’re very optimistic to be able to present this prestigious festival as an “in-person” event, understanding the abundance of caution and preparation that it takes to keep everyone as safe as possible.”

For more information about the 15th annual Beaufort International Film Festival, visit The festival is produced by the Beaufort Film Society.

The Beaufort Film Society is a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, member-supported organization, dedicated to providing the highest levels of entertainment and education to the public from all areas of the film industry.

2021 Beaufort International Film Festival Finalists


– Identity Crisis

Directed by: Natalie Nichols, Costa Mesa, Calif. (Chapman University)

– In Our Nature

Directed by: Echo Wilson, Winston-Salem, N.C. (Univ. of North Carolina, School of the Arts)

– Rocky Road

Directed by: Madison Crisp and Victoria Sosa, Winston-Salem, . .(Univ. of North Carolina School of the Arts)

– Shimmery

Directed by: Tzuyi Yang, New York, N.Y. (School of Visual Arts)

– Two Different Kinds of Love

Directed by: Alyce Vest, Oakland, N.C. (Savannah College of Art and Design)


– Invitation to the Dance

Directed by: Sarah Shoemaker, Greenville

– Navigating THRU

Directed by: Lindsay Taylor Jackson, Acton, Mass.

– The Hills I Call Home

Directed by: Ashton Gleckman, Carmel, Ind.


– Mr. Myrtle Beach

Directed by: Joel Allen, Myrtle Beach

– ProDogTV

Directed by: Randall Owens, Greenville

– Roots of Lacrosse

Directed by: Tsioweri:iohsta Adams and Joanne Storkan, Pebble Beach, Calif.

– Thoughts & Prayers

Directed by: Hope Ballard, Highlands Ranch, Colo.


– A Band to Honor

Directed by: Warren R. Hull, Las Vegas, Nev.

– Bastard’s Road

Directed by: Brian Morrison, Crofton, Md.

– The Girl Who Wore Freedom

Directed by: Christian Taylor, Wheaton, Ill.


– A Shot Through the Wall

Directed by: Aimee Long, New York, N.Y.

– Electric Jesus

Directed by: Chris White, Greenville

– Night Into Day

Directed by: Ben Hall, North Hollywood, Calif.

– One Moment

Directed by: Deirdre O’Connor, Long Island, N.Y.


– Alina

Directed by: Rami Kodeih, Brentwood, Calif.

– Bandwidth

Directed by: Pat Battistini and Robert Francke, Santa Clarita, Calif.

– Calf Rope

Directed by: Bradley Hawkins, Landisville, Pa.

– Dirty Little Secret

Directed by: Dale Griffiths Stamos, Santa Barbara, Calif.

– Exit Zero

Directed by: Page Cooper Anderson, New York

– For Your Consideration

Directed by: Poppy Gordon, Brooklyn, N.Y.

– Going My Way

Directed by: Rob Margolies, Los Angeles

– Graceland

Directed by: Bonnie-Kathleen Ryan, Los Angeles

– Hallways and Doors

Directed by: J. P. Brennan, Los Angeles

– Hung Up

Directed by: Damon Osteen, Lubbock, Texas

– Javelina Run

Directed by: Lisa Belcher, Austin, Texas

– Less Heat in Arizona

Directed by: Tom Wardach, Pittstown, N.J.

– Like Daughter, Like Mother

Directed by: Clyde Baldo, New York

– Mend

Directed by: Shannon Eubanks, Acworth, Ga.

– Monarch Butterfly

Directed by: Clyde Baldo, New York

– Now You See Us

Directed by: Romina Schneider, Brooklyn, N.Y.

– Oddly Popular

Directed by: Fred Gallo, Capistrano Beach, Calif.

– PATIRI In the Promised Land

Directed by: Page Cooper Anderson and Dana Schoenfeld, New York

– Plot

Directed by: Jeremy Folmer, New York

– Rent Do

Directed by: Gavin Michael Booth, Verdun, QC, Canada

– Retirement Day

Directed by: Cedric Thomas Smith, San Antonio, Texas

– Silent Notes

Directed by: Kiki Tsakalakis, New Canaan, Conn.

– Sweatbox

Directed by: Nate O’Mahoney, Los Angeles

– The Astronaut

Directed by: Joey Connolley, Wilmington, N.C.

– The Mushroom Huntress

Directed by: Jim Picariello, Brookesville, Maine

– The Sands of Time

Directed by: James Hughes, Lutterworth, UK

– The Violin

Directed by: John Rosenbloom, New York

– Writer’s Block

Directed by: Daniel Hamby, Charlotte, N.C.

– Victim No. 6

Directed by: Nancy Menagh, Little Silver, N.J.


– Applebaum

Directed by: Edward Loupe, Winston-Salem, NC (Univ. of North Carolina School of the Arts)

– Born to See

Directed by: Kristina Usaite, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

– Fish Out of Water

Directed by: Alyssa Asaro, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada (Ryerson Univ.)

– Oasis

Directed by: Matthew Wassong, Westchester, N.Y. (Chapman Univ.)

– Out of Stock

Directed by: Bryan Taira, Vista, Calif. (Chapman Univ.)

– Rosie

Directed by: Tessa Germaine, Trabuco Canyon, Calif. (Chapman Univ.)

– Take Care

Directed by: Cameron McCormack, Winston-Salem, N.C. (Univ. of North Carolina School of the Arts)

– The Cake

Directed by: Meital Cohen Navarro, Los Angeles (N.Y. Film Academy, L.A.)

– The Punishment

Directed by: Chris Sexton Fletcher, Bradenton, Fla. (Screen Academy of Scotland)

– The Story of My Grandma

Directed by: Zhang Xiaoyu, Nantong Jiangsu, China (Commonwealth Univ. of China)

– Toomsboro

Directed by: Liam Tangum, Orange, Calif. (Chapman Univ.)


Bandwidth (short film)

Electric Jesus (featuret film)

Exit Zero (short film)

For Your Consideration (short film)

Graceland (short film)

Javelina Run (short film)

Less Heat in Arizona (short film)

Like Daughter, Like Mother (short film)

Now You See Us (short film)

Oddly Popular (short film)

Out of Stock (student film)

One Moment (feature film)

Plot (short film)

Rent Do (short film)

The Cake (student film)

Writer’s Block (short film)


– Along the Way

Written by: Alejandro Leopardi, Rockville, Md.

– Amira

Written by: Bob Celli, New York

– Connect

Written by: John Pisano-Thomsen, Toronto, Canada

– Litter Bug

Written by: Izzy and Vic Vaughan, Cazac, France

– One Way Out

Written by: Alyxandrya Prynce, Raleigh, N.C.

– The Shadow of Frankenstein

Written by: John Johnson and Adam Stover, Given, W.Va.

– Zero Legacy

Written by: Izzy & Vic Vaughan, Cazac, France


Danny Aiello (One Moment– feature film)

Clyde Baldo (PATIRI In the Promised Land – short film)

Jarrod Crawford (Hallways & Doors – short film)

Anthony Robert Grasso (Monarch Butterfly – short film)

Daniel Hall (Dirty Little Secret – short film)

Kenny Leu (A Shot Through the Wall – feature film)


Jeanine Bartel (Exit Zero – short film)

Jordan Gosnell (Like Daughter, Like Mother – short film)

Jane Hajduk (Dirty Little Secret – short film)

Deborah Kuhn (Monarch Butterfly – short film)

Devi Morgan (Like Daughter, Like Mother – short film)

Cooper Shaw (Hallways & Doors – short film)


Page Cooper Anderson and Dana Marissa Schoenfeld (PATIRI in the Promised Land – short film)

Clyde Baldo (Monarch Butterfly – short film)

Aimee Long (A Shot Through the Wall – feature film)

Dale Griffith Stamos (Dirty Little Secret – short film)

Chris White (Electric Jesus – feature film)

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