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"Rabat Boats" by Stephanie Rossi
“Rabat Boats” by Stephanie Rossi

Pictured above: “Working Man” by Rich Matheny

The Photography Club of Beaufort has announced the winners of the semi-annual Fall Competition. Judging the event was Charleston commercial photographer Chris Smith. Images were critiqued digitally using the criteria of superb technical quality, composition and creative impact. During the review, Mr. Smith shared his expertise and offered constructive suggestions to help the photographers improve their skills. Results of the competition are as follows:

Novice Category was 1st Place was “Rabat Boats” by Stephanie Rossi. 2nd Place went to “Vegas Perspective” by Peter Ferrier. 3rd Place was awarded to Jane Hearn for “Antelope Canyon”.

In the Intermediate Category, 1st Place winner was Rich Matheny for “Working Man”. 2nd Place went to Karen Gottshcall for “The Bridge” and 3rd Place was awarded to Steve Butler for “Western Scrub Jay”. There was a tie for Honorable Mention: Rebecca Bass for “Portrait of His Majesty” and Dick Eckhardt for “Says Whooo”.

1st Place in the Advanced Category was awarded to Janet Garrity for “Ethereal Beauty”. 2nd Place winner was Fred Chitty for “Hampton Lake Reflection” and 3rd Place was “Sparks Will Fly” by Lynn Long.

In the Expert Category only one award was given. 1st Place was “Twins in Nature” by Sandy Dimke.

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