Dog day is time to celebrate our furry friends

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By Lee Scott

There was an advertisement on social media recently about National Dog Day. Evidently, it’s observed on Aug. 26. (This is not to be confused with National Hot Dog Day which is July 23).

I had never heard of National Dog Day before, but having two spaniels in the house, I was interested in learning more about it.

It turns out that the reason for having a National Dog Day is to celebrate the important roles dogs play in American life. Not only are they great companions, they also serve as drug-sniffers, therapy dogs and military service dogs. It really is amazing to think about all the things dogs do for us.

There is another very important reason to recognize dogs on this day. It’s a time to remember all the dogs that are available to be rescued and encourage adoption of those dogs.

I have two dogs: Bailey is our 13-year old cocker spaniel and Brandy is our clumber spaniel. We actually don’t know how old Brandy is because she was a rescue. She came to us six years ago, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

I saw her picture on the local dog rescue webpage and my spouse went over to check her out. He called to say he liked her and we adopted her that day. We brought her home and she has been part of our family ever since.

Most people that have a rescue dog will tell you that they are the best dogs they ever had in their homes. I think the reason is because rescues are so grateful to be adopted.

I know that Brandy has been one of the best dogs I have ever brought home.  She is lovable and obedient and moved into our lives easily, although our older spoiled cocker spaniel would not share his toys initially. But it didn’t take long before even he accepted her in the family.

Although both are dogs are considered “senior dogs” now and sometimes it feels like having a couple of toddlers running around with toys lying all over the house, we are still very happy to have our two pups.

And we will celebrate National Dog Day and be thankful that we were able to rescue such a wonderful dog.