County students earn highest possible PASS scores

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More than 150 Beaufort County students posted the maximum score on 2014 South Carolina PASS standardized tests, more than double last year’s number.

The South Carolina Department of Education reports that 152 Beaufort County students earned a maximum score on at least one of the five 2014 PASS sections: math, science, social studies, writing and language arts.

“It’s no secret that our student performance has improved dramatically in the last few years, and these students are keeping that momentum going,” said Superintendent Jeff Moss. “We’re proud of them — and also proud of their teachers and parents — for putting forth their best efforts.”

For PASS multiple-choice tests (language arts, math, science, and social studies), a maximum score is awarded to students who answer every question correctly. For the writing tests, maximum scores are awarded to students who answer every multiple-choice question correctly and get all 15 possible points on their written essays.

Last year, 71 Beaufort County students posted maximum scores.

“It’s exciting to see that number doubled in just one year,” said Dr. Dereck Rhoads, Chief Instructional Services Officer, “These students have not only met the standards, they have completely mastered them. What a great example they set for all of us. Hard work does pay off!”

PASS has three scoring levels, and students are said to have met the state standard if they score at either of the top two levels:

• Exemplary: The student demonstrated exemplary performance in meeting the grade-level standard.

• Met: The student met the grade-level standard.

• Not met: The student did not meet the grade-level standard.

Long-term performance on PASS has been positive in Beaufort County.  Over the six years since PASS tests were first administered, the district’s percentages of students meeting the state standard has improved in 24 of 30 combinations of grade levels and subjects tested.