Could more of you be less?

By Takiya Smith

Have you ever attempted to try something new, whether it be a look, hairstyle, clothing trend or even a different type of attitude? Well, of course you have. You’re human; a feminine creation of God’s perfect expression of existence in this very Earth! With that being said, in short, we’re women and we love to try new things. We’re driven by the thrill of heels, the excitement of pretty pop colors and enamored by the look of timeless, classic fashion. Or are we all? What about when looking good, dressing a certain way and styling our lives to fit with the “in crowd” isn’t thrilling, dazzling or even gratifying? Could your desire to be “more” cause you to really be “less”?

We have all heard the phrase “less is more” and really my question is the same, just reversed to offer you a different perspective. Typically, when being told that less is more, it’s usually in reference to wearing less makeup and highlighting only the features that stand out to accentuate a strong presence. We can even use the phrase in relevance to what one is wearing such as a scent or perfume. Yes, less is definitely more, but how about when looking at our personal character, attitude and image of acceptance?

I have been tremendously blessed to be the invite, guest and even honoree at many formal events and dinners and one of the key things I notice is that we immediately seek approval from our audience. Everything from the designer name on our gowns down to the color on the bottom of our heels are examined, inspected, scrutinized and weighed in. Our hair, our makeup, our nails and courtesy of it all, even our poor unsuspecting stylists, get tally marks for a job well done or a host of verbal disapprovals and two thumbs down.

But who are we doing this all for? Us, them, we, she or he? The answer to that question should be “me”. If you are not going above and beyond for yourself but are over the top for others then it’s quite possible that the more you do for others’ approval, the less you are being true to you. Take time today and even the next outing to wear what YOU want, say what YOU want, be who YOU are and live like YOU want to live. Trying to fit in as a piece of a puzzle will never work when you are already a masterpiece all by yourself.

Takiya La’Shaune Smith, licensed cosmetologist, mentor and owner of Beautique Lash & Brow, is an author and beauty columnist promoting inner and outer beauty, self-esteem, preservation and awareness. Find her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TakiyaLSmith, email her Takiya@Takiya-LaShaune.com.

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