City addressing drainage issues in Mossy Oaks

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The Jane Way drainage area near Beaufort Middle School in the Mossy Oaks neighborhood has been the site of numerous flooding events over the past three years. Now, the city is undertaking a multi-million dollar drainage improvement project to alleviate flooding in the area. 

As part of that project, the Department of Health and Environmental Control has issued a permit allowing maintenance and repair of portions of the Jane Way drainage area. This work will increase rainwater capacity and reduce the potential for flooding.

The permit includes the following areas:

– Drainage ditch to the North West of the Beaufort Middle School (2501 Mossy Oaks Road)

– To the rear of the residences found on Elizabeth Lane (S.C. State Road S-7-409)

– To the rear of the residences and the Beaufort Middle School along South Drive (S.C. S-7-250)

– Portions of Center Drive East (S.C. S-7-251) from South Drive South to Mossy Oaks Road 

The area will be cleared of all obstructions, vegetative growth and garbage to facilitate improved drainage. Every effort will be made to preserve trees that do not impede drainage. 

Contractors will access the area via Beaufort Middle School and impact to affected homes is expected to be minimal. 

This work will not interfere with any school activities. Maintenance is expected to last approximately two weeks. 

Contact Neil Desai at or 843-525-7054 with any questions. 

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