Change your mind, change your life

By Martha O’Regan
We are in an important time in science today as we learn the immense capabilities of our mind and how we can use it for the betterment of our health, happiness and success. Quantum physics used to sound so “intellectual” that only scientists could understand, but now we know it basically refers to the smallest particles known which at its core, is simply energy that each of us can manage with our own thoughts, words and deeds.  The Law of Attraction states that what you put out there, you receive.  It’s not quite that simple as those who think about receiving a million bucks but never leave their recliner will soon discover.
However, once you get clear on what it is you want to attract in life and begin to visualize and feel it as though it has already occurred, you are actually emitting a frequency that goes “out there” and brings back experiences of like frequencies. Here is where it gets interesting, because sometimes what comes back isn’t exactly the vision you put out there.  What comes back is the same energetic vibration of the emotion that you are emitting with that vision or thought, which may have a completely different experience than what you expected. Don’t close the door and wait for the exact match because this door may actually be more in alignment to your path.  Another note to be aware of, let’s say you wish to attract abundance but are always worried about the next paycheck, you will likely attract less abundance and more worry. However, if you trust that abundance will come while at the same time taking appropriate action steps, your vibration of trust will override the worry, then who knows what can happen? Also, remember that abundance isn’t always money but often comes in the form of relationships, health and well being, inspirations and enlightenment, job opportunities, coupons and sales, peace and joy, etc. Being open to possibilities allows more possibilities.
Many people today are seeking better health but frustrated with the current state of health care, attracting more frustration in their own health, creating a vicious cycle to say the least. When we rely on others to heal us, we lose sight of our own power to heal.  Trusting that our body knows how to heal when given the proper stimulus or by the removal of a subconscious interference, allows our body, mind and spirit to begin healing and living whole again. We begin to open our eyes and minds to other options besides suppression of symptoms. Keep in mind that healing doesn’t always mean our physical body goes back to being perfect again, although physical healing is always a possibility.  Interesting to note that there isn’t a documented disease, syndrome or pain pattern that someone, somewhere, hasn’t healed from.   Sometimes, healing means learning to accept life’s challenges with grace and ease or finding ways to forgive those who have kept us stuck for years, decades or a lifetime.  Healing also means learning to love ourselves enough to allow healing to happen, while unconditionally sharing that love with others and expecting nothing in return.
So, what are you seeking?  What are you emitting?  Are you willing to change your mind to change your life? Science tells us that we have enormous power through the use of our own minds.  How will you use yours? Live Well … Have Fun!

Theraputic Solutions: Offering a unique approach to your active health care needs using a variety of healing modalities, nutritional and wellness coaching to empower you to a new state of health and well-being. 73 Sams Point Road, 524-2554.

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