Beauty inside and out: The Salt Water Flush

By Takiya Smith
This week’s article closes out a series on internal cleansing, also known as the body detox.  In line with discussing matters of external beauty, such as hair, skin and nail care, our internal beauty regimen is just as important. Along with healthy eating, a proper diet and regular exercise, an occasional detox can do wonders for a tired, sluggish and toxin filled body.  The Salt Water Flush, alone or along with the Master Cleanse, is another simple and purely organic method of cleansing your bodies system.
While the Master Cleanse targets our blood flow and lymph nodes to flush out harmful toxins, the Salt Water Flush works literally from the other end, flushing out the colon.  Again, as with the Master Cleanse, it is best to perform this flush during a fast, however, caution and consultation with your physician should be exercised prior to any drastic changes in diet and exercise.  The Salt Water Flush is nothing more than what the name proposes; salt and water which are drank to flush out the colon.  The flush is drank only one day at a time, early in the morning upon waking.  It is advisable and encouraged to do this during a time frame in which you can stay home or at least near an unoccupied toilet, as the flush will begin to work within 30-60 minutes of drinking. Results will vary per individual, as to how long or how often the flush takes places, however, if mixed properly, a flush should occur no more than once or twice and you may resume your day as planned.
Mixing the flush is simple and only requires one quart of lukewarm drinking water and two tablespoons of non-iodized sea salt. The flush should be drank in one setting, as quickly as possible, taking long gulps and not small sips. As for the taste, it’s not quite like homemade, ice cold tea, yet a squeeze of lemon or lime juice can be added to appease your palette. The flush will not work with regular table salt and again, consuming the proper amount of water along with the sea salt ensures satisfactory results.  If you are utilizing this along with the Master Cleanse, you can begin drinking your lemonade mixture after the first movement, as normal.
For more info on the Master Cleanse and Salt Water Flush, visit my blog at www.blb-boutiques.com and post your questions and comments.

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