Chandler Trask not only builds custom homes for clients, but has built a happy life for his family in Beaufort: Dream Builder


By Lanier Laney

Beaufort native Chandler Trask specializes in building custom homes and remodeling existing ones in Northern Beaufort County.

He started building homes in the early 1990s and created Chandler Trask Construction two years ago. He originally  worked as a real estate appraiser and owned his own company, Trask Appraisal. While working as a real estate appraiser he was able to see all types of construction up close — from the good to the not-so-good.

Chandler and Amy Trask
Chandler and Amy Trask

Says Chandler, “I started building spec homes at first and found that I really love building. It was fun to see a project come together and it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to provide someone with a home they love.”

His work philosophy is simple. “The way I see it, it’s their house, they are the customer,” Chandler says. “My job is to give them the house they’ve always dreamed of on time and within their budget. I am so proud of the homes I’ve built and it makes me feel really good to see them enjoying their new house.  Amy and I are going to an open house at a home I built this weekend and I just love to see how excited they are to entertain and show off their new place.  That why I do what I do.”

His lovely wife, Amy, is a Virginia native, and the two have been married 21 years. Says Chandler with a smile, “Amy and I met at a fraternity party at USC. She was really just talking to me to make some other guy jealous, but in the end I got her — not him!”

Adds Amy, “I thought Chandler was the sweetest, funniest guy I’d ever met!  I’ll never forget when he brought me home to meet his parents about a month after we met. I felt like I’d stepped back in time. Not only was I mesmerized by  the beauty of the historical home he grew up in, but his mother and father were so gracious and kind. I was already picturing myself living in this idyllic little coastal town with two kids hanging out on the porch with his family.  Channy made all my dreams come true!”

Amy has been a media specialist at Lady’s Island Elementary School for the past five years. She has a Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina, She’s also a National Board Certified teacher.

Says Amy, “I absolutely LOVE to read and always have, so becoming a school librarian was a natural fit for me. Of course, nowadays a librarian’s job is much more technology oriented but that is fine with me because I’m a major computer nerd.”

She even created the website for her husband’s company.

Chandler said, “I’m a very lucky man. Amy is not only beautiful, but she is so smart. She is so dedicated to her job, but of course her favorite title is Mom.  We’re both so proud of our kids. They’re teenagers now and they’re just such interesting, smart people. It’s awesome!”

Their son Tucker is 17, and daughter Stewart is 14, and both attend Beaufort Academy.

Adds Amy, “Our son is very busy with sports. He plays football, basketball and soccer and we love to attend his games at BA. Our daughter plays tennis and was a cheerleader so football season is so much fun. These are our last few years with them at home so we want to spend as much time as we can with them (when they’ll let us).”

Both Amy and Chandler are big fans of Beaufort. “I can’t really imagine living anywhere else,” says Chandler. “Fishing and boating is a huge part of my life. Just the natural beauty that you see even driving around town between job sites is enough to take your breath away. I get busy though and I have to remind myself how lucky I am to live here, especially when I’m waiting for the bridge!

“There was never any doubt that this is where I wanted to raise a family. I have two brothers and a sister and we all live in Beaufort so I’d say this place certainly puts a hold on you.”

Adds Amy, “I’m from Virginia Beach which is a really big town so I love the small town lifestyle here. Raising my children here has been such a blessing. People really look out for each other and each others’ kids in Beaufort. Whether it’s a tragedy or a celebration, people show up for you in Beaufort. I know that whatever comes my way I have so many dear friends who have my back and  that is such a comforting feeling in today’s crazy world. Beaufort makes me feel safe. It’s home.”

Chandler grew up watching his dad do construction. His father developed the Plaza Shopping center (on the corner of Boundary and Robert Smalls Parkway) and started the Plaza Theater, which the family still runs today.

When it comes to his business, Chandler says, “Well, I’m a one man show so I’m in charge of everything.  That helps me give my customers a personal touch (and keep costs down).  If they hire me to build their house, they’re going to deal with me and only me. I will be on the job site every day.  I encourage my clients to call me on my cell at anytime. I love that personal connection. One of the things my past clients say about me most frequently is how easy I am to work with. I want them to be happy because, for most of my clients, this house is something they’ve been dreaming about for many years. I want the house and the whole building experience to exceed their expectations, and it usually does!”

If you want to build your dream house or remodel your present one, you can get in touch with Chandler at 843-321-9625, or you can go to his website at chandlertraskconstruction.com or email chandlertraskconstruction@gmail.com.

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