Celebrating a birthday party for the birds

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Last Saturday, May 14, the Fripp Audubon Club and the Town of Port Royal held the fourth annual Birthday Party for the Birds to celebrate all the new arrivals to The Port Royal Rookery and Cypress Wetlands Trail.

At the observation deck and ampitheatre located off Parris Avenue in downtown Port Royal, attendees gathered to take part in a variety of free fun events aimed at educating and raising awareness about the plants and animals that live in this environment. This year, a scavenger hunt included spotting lizards, box turtles, Yellow-Crowned Night Herons, and Anhingas — unique water birds that make their home here. There were also a lot of small and fuzzy baby birds in their nests, as well as alligators moving slowly through the murky water.

Nancy “Maudy” Owen of Gryphon Den showing visitors a Barred Owl.
Nancy “Maudy” Owen of Gryphon Den showing visitors a Barred Owl.

It was delightful to hear “Happy Birthday” played by a crowd of 100 on complimentary kazoos provided by the Kazoo Factory. The day also featured music from DJ Billy Drysdale, exhibits of other live animals, and even delicious birthday cake. It was sunny and beautiful, and a great way to learn about, and appreciate, the nature that can only be found in the Lowcountry.

Pete Richards, who has spearheaded this event from the beginning, deserves recognition for his passion and hard work in bringing so many local businesses and organizations together for such a special event.

Top photo: Fripp Audubon Club member Pete Richards spends some time with the Beaufort High School Eagle.