Celebrate National Safety Month with a clean house

At Merry Maids of Beaufort, we have always believed that a clean home is a happier home. Furthermore, we think a clean home is a safer home.

In honor of June being National Safety Month, we have some ideas for ways to keep your home, spotless, sparkling and safe.

Avoid Falls: Did you know that falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional home injury? By keeping tighter areas such as doorways, stairs and halls clutter-free, and cleaning up spills as they happen, you are reducing your family’s risk of taking a tumble. Also, if you have to stand on something to reach an item on a high shelf, make sure it’s a sturdy ladder (not a chair) with four feet on the floor.

Keep Poisons Penned: All potentially harmful substances should be secured, well-labeled and out of reach of children. Remember to put them away after each use and make sure child safety lids are on tightly. We also recommend consulting each product’s manufacturer’s directions and storage practices.

Let The Air Flow: Most cleaning solutions, even those that are considered green or all-natural, were never meant to be inhaled. Keeping the windows open will help keep you from getting light-headed or dizzy.

Good Food Habits: The first rule of safe food preparation in the home is to keep everything clean. Wash food-contact surfaces (cutting boards, dishes, utensils, countertops) with hot, soapy water after preparing each food item and before going on to the next. Keeping the refrigerator clean and sanitized at all times will help prevent cross-contamination — the spread of bacteria from one food to another — and making sure you dry everything after you’ve sanitized it will help deter flies and also prevent bacteria buildup.

Ban Bin Odors: It’s never too often to sanitize your garbage can, but summer is an especially good time to do it because you can wash it outside with a hose. After you’ve emptied out the water, spray liberally with a sanitizer, then let sit for ten minutes. Rinse again and turn upside down to dry.

For more information, please contact Merry Maids of Beaufort at 843-522-2777, email at custsrv4632@merrymaids.net or visit our website at merrymaidsbeaufort.com.

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