Carving and sculpting soapstone with Karen Brodie

On Saturday, March 16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Karen Brodie, a second generation stone sculptor, will guide and support you as you explore your artistic side to create truly unique sculpture.

The Morning Session: Carving and sculpting a soapstone cormorant (water bird): Are you ready to reveal your hidden sculpting/carving talents? In this introduction to soapstone sculpting/carving, you learn the basic materials, tools and techniques to create and finish sculpting/carving a cormorant and a base. Every carving is unique– take your cormorant home to impress your family and friends!

Afternoon Session: So you can’t stop admiring your cormorant? You’re hooked, you want more! The afternoon session concentrates on soapstone sculpting/carvings that you will create, further developing sculpting/carving skills and finishing techniques. Work with a larger piece of stone while expanding your knowledge of stones and their properties.

Karen Brodie is a second generation sculptor and artist, her love and passion for art is conveyed through stone. From figurative nudes to mythical creatures, her creativity crosses a wide, eclectic range of genres. She is a Contemporary Realism Sculptor and is considered a “direct carver” since she does not use models; instead, she prefers to sculpt from her own imagination. Each stone is carefully chosen so her vision compliments the stone’s personality; she works with the stone, as opposed to forcing the stone to work for her.

Register with ARTworks, 843-379-2787, $115/person. Tools, sandpaper, polishing paper and finishing supplies for your cormorant, base and the next sculpture you will create are provided by Karen Brodie. This workshop is in a classroom at ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center, 2127 Boundary Street, Beaufort SC 29902. www.artworksinbeaufort.org, @artseensc.

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