Calling All Lighthouses

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Amateur radio group participates in Lighthouse Week event

About a dozen members of the Beaufort Radio Amateur Group set up a “special event” radio station at the base of the Hunting Island Lighthouse for the annual Lighthouses On The Air, part of the U.S. National Lighthouse Week on Saturday, Aug. 4. The radio group BRAG is comprised mostly of HAM (Hertz-Armstrong-Marconi) radio operators who get together occasionally for special events and talk to other operators and stations all over the country involved in similar events. BRAG member David Jennings said their first contact Saturday was another lighthouse, the Tucker Town Lighthouse in Tucker Town, N.J. 

”We also talked with the museum battleship USS Texas in Texas and another – what we thought was a lighthouse taking part in this special event in Crest View, Florida,” Jennings said. 

It turns out the Florida station was taking part in a special event for libraries.  

“There are special events going on all the time and not just for lighthouses” Jennings said.

Photo at top: Reggie Fraser, left, and David Jennings take turns manning the mic Saturday, Aug. 4, at Hunting Island. Photos by Bob Sofaly.

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