Bridges Prep finalizes purchase of main campus

As announced this past May, Bridges Preparatory School executed the final purchase of the Boys & Girls Club facility and its 1.22-acre property on 1100 Boundary Street — the charter school’s main campus — on July 1.

Bridges Prep is now officially the first area charter school to own a facility, as well as land for further school development, which gives the school several building options, and a sense of place with roots in historic downtown Beaufort.

“This is a great source of pride and stability for Bridges,” said BPS Head of School Bob Cook. “Having secured our campus in our first year is certainly an important benchmark for us as a public charter school. We will develop the property in stages, yet we have sufficient and adequate classroom space for all grades K-7 this upcoming school year, and we look forward to sharing more of those details with stakeholders as arrangements are finalized.”

For a glance at Bridges’ first year achievements, see http://bridgesprep.org/bps-annual-report-2013-2014/.

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