Breakwater Restaurant fans fear not!

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By Lanier Laney

When I said in last week’s column that the ‘Breakwater threesome’  Manager Donna  Lang and Chef Gary Lang and Beth Shaw are departing for Greenville to start a new Breakwater there, I did not mean that they were all moving there permanently.  Only Chef Beth Shaw is moving to Greenville and taking her two sous chefs with her (Kris and Brandon). Gary and Donna are NOT moving to Greenville. They will be spending some time there in the beginning but Beaufort will be their home base. They have brought on a new executive chef/owner Ryan Blanton to help run the Beaufort Breakwater kitchen alongside current Executive Chef Gary Lang. Their tentative opening in Greenville is some time in October (so tell your friends there). From Donna Lang, “We love Beaufort and look forward to many more years here with all of you.”  So I hope this corrects some of the confusion.

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