Bread baker Irby Rentz joins SuZara’s Kitchen

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SuZara’s Kitchen in Newcastle Square in Beaufort is expanding its scratch-made offerings with breads by artisan baker Irby Rentz. Throughout the week, he will bake focaccia, a bubbly crusty flat bread (topped with herbs, for example, or stuffed with artichokes and Brie,) and whole wheat multigrain sandwich loaves (in a variety of sizes and shapes,) and cinnamon rolls (advance ordered suggested). For lunches, he will add stromboli and other flavor-stuffed bread items to the menu that already includes quiches, soups and salads.
“We’re well known for our lemon bars, truffles and coconut cakes,” said Susan Zara, owner. “These new succulent and rich breads are an addition that puts us over the culinary top.”
Irby Rentz is from Columbia and has lived in Beaufort since 2001. He has been cooking and baking professionally since 1980. He will tweet the fresh breads from @BeaufortBreads.
“I bake breads because they’re such a satisfying food, and I make them decorative because it’s fun and crust is beautiful,” said Irby. “It’s good to be working again in an artisan environment. I’m looking forward to all the holidays breads.”
SuZara’s Kitchen is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, and is located at 1211 Newcastle Street in Beaufort, Call 379-2160 for more information.