Book published about vanishing Gullah/Geechee Heritage

High Tide Publishing, Okatie, SC, announces the publication of “Gone With
The Tide – The Vanishing Gullahs and Geechees” by Pearce W. Hammond

Many Americans are unaware that along the South Carolina and Georgia coast lies a culture more strongly rooted in African ways than any other in America. In quiet self-sufficiency the Gullahs of South Carolina and the Geechees of Georgia lived off the water and the land on isolated barrier sea islands with their own unique language, lifestyle and culture. It was a life in a simpler time with pristine saltwater for fishing, crabbing and gathering oysters and clams; virgin maritime forests; sand roads and wild game.

In many ways the Gullahs of South Carolina and the Geechees of Georgia are part of the modern world but in other ways they are trying to hold steadfastly to the way of life of their African ancestors and passing on their culture and traditions from one generation to another. However, today they face a crisis as the demand for their land and marsh encroaches upon home and farm and threatens their way of life. And, if their culture dies, a significant part of the culture of the low country of South Carolina and Georgia will be lost along with African Americans’ purest link to their past.

This book contains an abundance of historical information about the Gullahs of South Carolina and the Geechees of Georgia and will inspire others to keep their story alive for future generations. It also contains extensive examples of their unique language, superstitions, folklore, and customs and traditions. There is also a section on low country cooking with recipes and a section on Gullah cooking related terms. The book is illustrated with original Gullah and Geechee art by the author. For additional information about this book, please log on to: https://www.createspace.com/4374624.

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