Beaufort Senior Leadership celebrates 20th anniversary

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For the past 20 years, retirees moving into Beaufort County from elsewhere or Beaufort County natives who have chosen to “retire-in-place” have been able to learn first-hand about their new home through an in-depth program called the Beaufort Senior Leadership Program. This program enables them to  intelligently volunteer their skills and expertise in ways that benefit the larger community.

Sponsored by the Clemson University Extension Service and the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, this 2013 Beaufort County Senior Leadership Class will become the 20th Anniversary consecutive annual class to learn about their community and explore how to best contribute, both individually and as a group.

For nearly two decades, this program has been open to any citizen of Beaufort County that wants this training, seeks access to existing leaders, and aspires to lead by staying current and becoming more involved.

The Senior Leadership participants spend one day a week involved with community leaders and local experts. Every Wednesday, from January to early April, the class meets at a topic-specific venue. Imagine rich interactions with authorities at Penn Center, USCB, Parris Island, Keyserling Cancer Center, Honey Horn, Waddell Mariculture Center and Town Hall, to name a few. Tuition for the 16-week program is $300. (partial scholarships and special payment arrangements are available).

Historians, health care professionals, military officers, teachers and school administrators, environmentalists, county and city government officials, and nonprofit organizations; each present their efforts and discuss students’ ideas and questions.

This program is the creation of Bob Guinn and Marge Yanker.

For more information, call John Colgan (Class of  2012), 843-838-6748 or or Bob Guinn  (Clemson Extension), 843-255-6060, ext. 116, or for more information.

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