Beaufort High School Artists Make History with the Stroke of a Brush

Contributed by Melissa Florence, decorator for Historic Beaufort Foundation Soiree


Back row, left to right – Ginger Anderson (instructor), Alex Thibault (Junior), Tiara White (Senior), Christopher Polowy (Senior) Front row, left to right – Charity Martinez (Sophomore), Naomi King (Senior)

Beaufort is known by many.  A sleepy, little town full of historic treasure and seaside beauty.   Whereas tourists stop by for a dose of hospitality and unmatched scenery, we simply call this home.  And such has been the case for 300 years.  So to honor our coastal town The Historic Beaufort Foundation celebrated in style.  With a Birthday Bash and fundraiser that would make Robert Smalls himself proud.  But it took many to put together this annual soiree.  Some gave of their time; some gave monetarily while others with their amazing talent.   And it was the talent that really got people talking.

Historic Beaufort Foundation wanted to commemorate Beaufort and its many charms by having painted directional arrows hung about the event.  So HBF enlisted the help of Ginger Anderson, Art Director at Beaufort High School and some of her star art students.  To say that this group of students and Ms. Anderson captured the essence of Beaufort is an understatement.  Given the task of choosing a landmark or historic location to paint each created a true work of art.  A story was told – a history revealed. With each careful brush stroke the artists left a little of their soul on those wooden arrows. Having chosen the National Cemetery, a historic home, the Downtown Marina, Gullah Heritage, the Arsenal and a shrimp boat; onlookers instantly felt immersed in the richness of Beaufort.

And while there are numerous volunteers that make the HBF soiree a success it seems necessary to really highlight these young people and their teacher/mentor.  To have a talent and realize a talent are two different things and this group of artists has arrived.  These students are part of the reason that Beaufort is such a desirable town – the youth appreciate and celebrate the history they live in. So to Alex Thibault, Charity Martinez, Tiara White, Christopher Polowy, Naomi King and their ever so gracious instructor, Ginger Anderson your contribution was of great value but your talent is priceless.



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