Beaufort author sparks imagination and adventure in new juvenile book

Local author, Kim Poovey, celebrated the release of her new children’s book, Through Button Eyes, where she reminds her readers the pleasures and excitements of childhood’s sheer imagination.

ARTS - BOOK JACKETIn Through Button Eyes, Poovey introduces her readers to Sir Bearsley Tolpuddles, a remarkable mohair teddy bear created in London, England, during the Edwardian era. His life begins at Thornton Hall, an aristocratic manor house. Discover his day-to-day escapades as he explores life with his child, whom he affectionately refers to as Little Miss.

Whether sailing the seven seas in search of marauding pirates, drinking tea in the parlor or searching the manse for ghosts, the imaginative adventures of this mohair bear will transport you back to the simple pleasures of childhood.

Poovey, author of Truer Words, is a writer and performs historic reenactments. She lives in Beaufort with her husband, three dogs and a cat. Poovey travels the Southeast, performing excerpts from her first novel and presenting to interested groups on the fashions, mourning practices, and history of the Victorian era. In her off-time, she works as a school psychologist.

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