BCSD’s new food service vendor offers menu app


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Beaufort County School District’s (BCSD’s) new food service vendor, The Nutrition Group, is kicking-off the 2022-23 school year with a new menu app for families called Nutrislice.

This app, which can be found at https://bit.ly/3JXCqj3, affords parents and students the ability to access their school’s menu online, on their mobile phone or tablet, or on any Amazon Alexa enabled device.

Unlike traditional menus, Nutrislice gives the ability to review key information for any meal item, such as a photo, description, ingredients, carb counts, allergens, or special dietary information. Users are also able to rate each menu item and provide feedback so that The Nutrition Group can continue to fine tune and evolve menus.

“We look forward to getting feedback from BCSD staff, students, and parents,” The Nutrition Group K-12 Vice President Joe Geisweidt said.

Innovative programming, such as Farm to Fork, Wellness Wednesdays, Food Fusion, Tasty Bites, and Recipes of the month, is part of The Nutrition Group’s plan for BCSD. Having committed to offering a variety of healthy foods for students to choose from, as well as convenient grab and go selections, “opportunities to learn about nutrition will be plentiful,” Geisweidt said. “In addition to appealing and nutritious meals, we will be displaying colorful banners, posters, and signage promoting healthy food choices.”

As per the South Carolina Department of Education, BCSD is required every five years to put the district’s food service contract out to bid. The Nutrition Group was awarded the bid through the State’s procurement process, and it was approved at the May 3 Board of Education meeting.

“We appreciate the opportunity to serve the students and staff of Beaufort County School District and anticipate building positive relationships in the months and years to come,” Geisweidt said.

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