BA averages on ACT college entrance exam highest in four years

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Beaufort Academy’s ACT scores hit a four-year high, with the average composite scores from the Class of 2014 exceeding the state averages by 24 percent and the national averages by 20 percent.

Nearly 80 percent of BA seniors in the Class of 2014 took the nationally-administered ACT College Entrance Exam, and averaged a composite score of 25.2.  In addition, 100 percent of these BA students reached or exceeded the college readiness benchmark in College English Composition, compared to 64 percent nationally and 61 percent in South Carolina.

In comparison:

Composite Scores            English                  Math                     Reading                Science

BA          25.2                        26.8                        24.2                        25.7                        23.5

US          21                           20.3                        20.9                        21.3                        20.8

SC           20.4                        19.7                        20.3                        20.9                        20.4


Of the Beaufort Academy Class of 2014, 100 percent were accepted to college upon high school graduation.