As their motto suggests, experience the ‘full flavor of Mexico’ at Agave


By Pamela Brownstein

The Lunch Bunch had its own mini Friday fiesta last week at Agave Mexican Grill, the brightly colored restaurant located right on Ribaut Road next to SugarBelle boutique.

Molcajete with a margarita!
Molcajete with a margarita!

As Kim, Elizabeth and I waited for Nikki, we chatted and hungrily munched on the tasty tortilla chips served with salsa and guacamole. We talked and ate and lost track of time, and before we knew it, all the chips were gone, the guacamole bowl was empty, and we were really full. Don’t make the same mistake we did: Enjoy the chips, but go slow and leave room for the delicious variety of entrees that range from burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, and many other specialty Mexican dishes.

So we waited a while before ordering our main meal, and Elizabeth chose the sopes from the appetizer menu. Sopes are bowls of corn-based dough topped with refried beans, lettuce, salsa, queso fresco and a slice of avocado. She chose chorizo as an additional topping, but they also offer chicken, steak or carnitas.

Nikki enjoyed her Quesadilla Fajita — a 10 inch flour tortilla stuffed with strips of steaks, grilled onions, tomatoes and bell peppers, and a side of rice and guacamole salad.

The menu is packed with so many enticing items, that I was torn about what to order. I finally decided to go with the same dish I had the last time I dined here — the Molcajete. This house special comes with carne asada, Mexican sausage, chicken, cactus, white cheese and cambray onions packed into a big stone bowl and topped with avocado slices. All mixed together, this combination of interesting ingredients is like a never-ending bowl of amazingness,

Chorizo sopes
Chorizo sopes

especially with the onions and cactus, unique flavors that make it addicting.

A Friday afternoon lunch at a Mexican restaurant would not be complete without a South of the Border-inspired adult beverage. Kim had a Corona Light, while the rest of us enjoyed a classic lime margarita on the rocks.

There is an attractive bar with happy hour specials, and many beers and specialty drinks available.

Agave is featuring its Pronto Lunch Specials, which include a discounted lunch menu. Also, Monday and Tuesday are kids’ nights, so bring the family.

Agave Mexican Grill is located at 1430 Ribaut Road, Port Royal, SC, 29935. Open for lunch and dinner, lunch is served between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 843-379-0232.

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