Artist of the month: RL Brethauer sails into the Thibault Gallery in downtown Beaufort

“One of the fondest memories of my youth was watching sailboats on Lake Michigan with my father.  As a boat owner, he always challenged me to follow my heart, my dreams, and my imagination.  This to me is the most important lesson a man can teach his son.  From this encouragement came the vision to create ships from driftwood, vintage metals, and recycled materials.”

Artist RL Brethauer with his ships built from recycled materials.
Artist RL Brethauer with his ships built from recycled materials.

This is the story of RL Brethauer’s vision and desire to follow his dreams and become an artist that had lay dormant for years.  From the wet lands of the Coastal South, comes the inspiration for RL creations.  The shorelines and beaches provide a treasure trove of elements, which provided the opportunity to work in various artistic genres with naturally aged wood and recycled materials.

As a featured award winning artist, RL can often be found in his private studio or seen at the Thibault Gallery building his creations.  His exclusive creations are a treasure for all seasons but a possession for all eternity – true heirloom quality collectable pieces of art.  RL’s nature enhanced pieces will warm the soul, beautify the home, and renew your appreciation of simple but elegant beauty.  RL is quick to say his mother tempered his love of natural elements and encouraged this expression through his artistic creations.

Much like Picasso, many of RL’s creations are Cubist but reflect the graceful lines of Rodin’s Thinker.  His ships combine elements of nature, recycled copper, vintage metals, brass, and drift wood; all with a naturally aged warm patina.  RL resides in Savannah, Georgia where he maintains his private studio.

He has collected driftwood from Georgia and the low lands of South Carolina, as well as inland water ways, wet lands, and lakes.  The process of preparing these selections is time intensive and requires washing, scraping, and sealing; a process that enhances the natural beauty of the driftwood.  Enjoy collecting original and beautiful pieces signed by him.  However, no piece is ever duplicated, as RL turns natural elements into beautiful art.  Come by the Thibault Gallery and see!

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