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In an ordinary year, picking the All-Lowco Football Team is a daunting task. We spend weeks collecting and compiling the stats, comparing the nominees, and consulting with coaches for insight that only they can provide, and then we take our best crack at identifying the best high school football players in Beaufort and Jasper counties.

This, of course, was no ordinary year.

The private schools played a full schedule (with few exceptions) but the public schools started later and played a reduced slate focused on region games. Some of them didn’t even get in all of those.

So how do you compare players in that unbalanced universe? For starters, it was a natural time to separate our SCHSL and SCISA All-Lowco Teams. Although there are individual SCISA standouts who certainly could cross over and star at any SCHSL program, on the whole, it’s comparing apples to oranges, and especially this season. Expect this change to become the status quo. It allows us to honor more players and measure them against their peers.

We relied on per-game averages to help level the playing field for those players whose teams were denied the opportunity to play a full schedule, but still rewarded those players who helped their teams play extra games in the postseason.

Did we get it exactly right? Probably not. But to move someone up, you have to move someone down.

Did we miss someone? Gosh, we hope not. If we did, prove us wrong next season.

Did we do our best? You bet. And here it is. Your 2020 All-Lowco SCISA Football Team presented by Local Pie.

LowcoSports 2020 All-Lowco Football Teams presented by Local Pie


Offensive Player of the Year

Tyler Haley, BHS

Defensive Player of the Year

Eli Hall, MRHS

Iron Lowco Award

Jaylen Reeves, WB

Coach of the Year

Jerry Hatcher, WB


QB — Tyler Haley, BHS

QB — Ahmad Green, MRHS

RB — Amariee Morris, BHS

RB — Joseph Hicks, WB

RB — Jaiden Jones, MRHS

WR — Kacy Fields, BHS

WR — Evan Elliot, HHIHS

OL — Aaron Rhode, WB

OL — Luke Bond, BLHS

OL — Terence Wilson, BHS

OL — Garrett Bonneville, MRHS

OL — Moxon Zehr, MRHS


DL — Eamon Smalls, BHS

DL — Jaylen Roberts, WB

DL — Xavier Chaplin, WB

DL/LB — Jaylen Sneed, HHIHS

LB — Eli Hall, MRHS

LB —D’Ante Parker, WB

LB — Justin Smalls, BCHS

LB — Daniel Phares, BHS

LB — William Winburn, BHS

LB — Steffin Gadson, MRHS

DB — Jayden Gilliam-Singleton, HHIHS

DB — Amar Jenkins, WB


K — Henry Tome, WB

P — Nate Hoyt, BLHS


Dreshaun Brown, BCHS

Jonah Comfort, MRHS

Jeremiah Curry, BLHS

Hart Cushman, BHS

Nashaun Green, HHIHS

Gavin Heintschel, BLHS

Jaylin Houseal, BHS

Anders Kennedy, HHIHS

Max Kimmel, MRHS

Matthew Larkby, HHIHS

Jaylin Linder, BLHS

Richard Parker, WB

Darrion Perry, MRHS

Cam Scott, MRHS

Jacove Singleton, BCHS

Chase Wilfong, BLHS

Jaquinn Williams, BLHS

Toshane Wittingham, MRHS


Offensive Player of the Year

Jace Blackshear, HHCA

Defensive Player of the Year

John Hampton Hewlett, THA

Iron Lowco Award

J.P. Peduzzi, HHCA

Coach of the Year

Ron Peduzzi, HHCA


QB — Jace Blackshear, HHCA

QB — Jeremiah Young, JPII

RB — JR Patterson, THA

RB — Ja’Sean Lawson, BA

RB — Tommy Stauffer, HHP

WR — Bruzza Pusha, THA

WR — Cameron Strickland, HHCA

OL — Therion Cannon, THA

OL — Quillan White, THA

OL — John Asher Howell, BA

OL — Warner Hahn, HHCA

OL — JP Wilder, HHCA


DL — John Hampton Hewlett, THA

DL — Hayden Jennings, JPII

DL — Kent Camp, HHCA

DL — Liam Sirgo, HHCA

DL/LB — Carson King, HHP

LB — Jackson Lanier, HHCA

LB — Troy Chisolm, HHCA

LB — Brandon Howard, THA

LB — Austin McIntosh, JPII

DB — Cody Parker, THA

DB — Braydon Dineen, BA

DB — Devonte Green, BA


K — Trevor Weldon, HHP

P — Cameron Strickland, HHCA


QB — Peyton Bennett, THA

RB — Anthony Fripp, THA

RB —Carlos Jones, BA

RB/WR — Riley Shinn, HHCA

WR — Elijah Fess, BA

WR — Mark Knight, JPII

OL — Preston Hamilton, THA

OL — Max Hickey, THA

OL — Tripp Currier, JPII

OL — Torrin Kennedy, HHCA

OL — Max Marko, HHP


DL — Loncelle Daley, HHP

DL — Michael Carbone, JPII

DL — Cameron VanGeison, THA

DL — Brandon Smith, THA

LB — Sonny Halker, THA

LB — Jeremy Clemmer, THA

LB — Quinn Ryan, HHCA

LB/DB — Malone Kinard-Huisinger, JPII

DB — Jackson Ogden, JPII

DB — Jayden Void, HHCA

DB — Ben Lubkin, BA


K — Logan Harsta, HHCA

P — Evan Slusne, JPII

IRON LOWCO — Malakai Steiniger, BA


Guy Annunziata, HHCA

Brady Bagenstose, HHCA

Paul Carrabba, HHP

Luke Foley, HHP

Will Gray, HHP

Lawson Hewlett, THA

Peter Hughes, JPII

Preston Humbert, THA

William Newton, HHCA

Jaxen Porter, BA

Kevin Rogers, BA

Carter Zareva, THA

Top picture: SCHSL Offensive Player of the Year, Tyler Haley, BHS
Bottom picture: SCHSL Iron Lowco Award, Jaylen Reeves, WB