A welcome from new interim head of school at Bridges Prep

Hi, I’m Bernie Schein.

It is my distinct pleasure to offer my temporary services as Interim Head of School at Bridges Preparatory School in Beaufort. For those who don’t know me, I’m from Beaufort, I earned a Master’s degree in Education at Harvard University and I worked for 33 years at The Paideia School in Atlanta. I’ve also served as a teacher and principal in Mississippi and South Carolina.

New Interim Head of School Bernie Schein reads the charter for Bridges Prep.
New Interim Head of School Bernie Schein reads the charter for Bridges Prep.

My deep knowledge of The Padeia methodology, coupled with three decades of hands-on experience with it, will help us move forward at Bridges Prep while the Search Committee seeks a permanent Head of School.

After my first day on the job here at Bridges, it is easy to see the many facets that make this a special learning community. Students, faculty and parents welcomed me with open arms and big smiles. That’s what I love about working in education — every day we shape the future.

I will spend my evening hours familiarizing myself with the Bridges Preparatory School official charter and other documents essential to this state-sponsored charter school’s formation. My daytime hours, though, are committed to helping students, staff and our families succeed.

Here at Bridges Prep, we follow the Paideia principles:

• All children can learn and therefore they all deserve the same quality of schooling, not just the same quantity;

• That the quality of schooling to which they are entitled is what the wisest parents would wish for their own children, the best education for the best being the best education for all.

Our charter states that “Bridges Preparatory School will strive to place all students on a level playing field not only through the Paideia instruction/methodologies but also by engaging students, families and the community to have a more active role in the education of its future citizens.” To that end, I encourage parents, local businesses and our community to come visit us at Bridges Preparatory. We have lots of ways you can get involved and we welcome volunteers.

If you have any questions about Bridges Preparatory School, or my work to help us move forward, please contact me at 843-982-7737.

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