The Conroys host author Maggie Schein’s book signing

By Lanier Laney

Cassandra King Conroy and husband Pat Conroy hosted a lovely kick-off book signing at their home for Maggie Schein’s new book “Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves.” The daughter of Beaufortonians Bernie and Martha Schein, Maggie, who has a P.h.D. in Ethics, has penned a fascinating and thought-provoking book.  “The Lost Cantos are tales and mythology for anyone seeking stories for a larger life” states the book cover, but this really only scratches the surface of this amazing collection of adult fables in the literary tradition of Italo Calvino — sure to make the “favorites” list of many a reader. Available at McIntosh Bookstore on Bay Street in Beaufort or online at www.huntpress.com. Here are some pics from the event for you:

Authors Maggie Schein and Pat Conroy.
Beaufort Mayor Billy Keysterling, Peggy Reynolds and former Mayor Taub.










Sandra King Conroy, Stephanie Edwards, Joan Petrucci and Harriet Hilton.
Jonathan Hannah, Karen Maris and Steve Sorett.











Leigh and James Brown with Martha Schein.
Wilson McIntosh, Marie O’Brien and Tim Wang.










Janet and Bud Garrity.
Amy Campanini and Cathy DeCourcy.
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