You are perfect!

By Susan Stone

You are perfect! We all are. We may be perfectly flawed, but we are perfect all the same.

What would change in your life if you KNEW you were the right size, the right gender, the right height, the right color and you were in the right and perfect place?

We place so much importance on the “form.” The world tells us what is beautiful — is it true?

The world tells us how much we are worth, by the bottom line of our bank accounts. How can that be?

True and TRUTH are two different things. They often have little to do with one another.

Whatever we believe to be true shows up in our lives that way. We will find evidence to support whatever we have decided is true for us. And we will join with others who agree with us. Just think back a decade or two. What did you believe was true when you were 10, 20 or even 40? What belief did you think was worth fighting for? Do you still feel that way? Or, have you discovered some greater truths since then? Have you ever wondered why people argue over (go to war over) what they are convinced is true, but you clearly see it differently? How can two opposing ideas be true?

It’s because we make it up. We all do. We decide what is true, or we allow the world tell us what is true. “True” will not set you free. It will bind you in the illusion. But “Truth” will always set you free. And that is the feeling you will feel every time you see it, feel it and hear it.

What would change in your life if you could see yourself the way the Heavens see you?

To them we are swirling bits of atomic light. They don’t see our fat, our wrinkles, our tattoos or the color of our hair. They see perfection — they see our essence.

You are perfect for your mission here on Earth. You have something that nobody else has. You came with a gift to give to the world. And if you don’t find the courage to use it, then we will have to do without, because no one else has your gift.

Most of us spend hours in front of the mirror or in the gym trying change our appearance. We buy cars and houses and many other items to show the world that we have “arrived” or to satisfy something within ourselves.

The truth is that we get tired of our “things” very quickly and either forget about them or replace them. The truth is that brown hair is not better than grey hair (my granddaughter calls mine “sparkles”), or that pink is not better than green, any more than is younger better than older. We are making it all up!

Do what you do because it makes you feel good. Wear your favorite clothes even if they are not in style. Recently a cashier made the comment that I looked like a throwback from the 1960’s, apparently because I dress like an old hippie. I thanked her.

If purple hair makes you feel good, then do it! Do the work that makes your heart sing! Call it play for profit! Accept that the years have changed the way you look and feel and be grateful for all the wisdom and wrinkles you have earned.

My master teacher has told me many times: “If it feels good, do it, and if it doesn’t, don’t!” She said that got her in a lot of trouble when she was young. She’s 88 now.

“They” are not imposing anything on us. WE ARE THEY!

If we allow the world to tell us what is true, then we will struggle to the end of our days. But if we can accept our own perfection and see ourselves that way, we will know peace.

Susan Stone is a Garden Guru and Manager for Outdoor Architecture. You can contact Susan via email at susan@outdoorarchitecture.com.

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